Event Planning

Q:  How does West Coast EMS calculate cost & Medical resources needed to staff an event?

A:  Cost & Resources are based on many factors: including the number of people expected at the event, the type of event, location, and risk assessment.

Q:  How many staff members are needed to an event?

A:  Staffing depends on the type and size of an event, as well as risk factor & location.

Q:  How far does West Coast EMS travel outside the Los Angeles area?

A:  West Coast EMS travels to events throughout the State of California as well as outside of California.  Travel fees may apply.


We have many different level of service and options depending on what is needed for your event. We offer a range of services from a single EMT with medical equipment up complex EMS systems with multiple stations, onsite command center, EMS treatment trailers, response vehicles, and 24/7 coverage with fully equipped stand-alone living quarter for EMS personnel. 

Some examples of simple service levels are;

Basic EMT-Medical Stand-By

A single EMT that sets up a Medical Aid Station. All of our EMT’s are Nationally Certified and undergo a detailed training program ensuring a detailed orientation to event specific medicine. Our EMTs are equipped with all the necessary supplies to care and treat any basic injury or illness that may occur at events. Depending on client's needs, we can remain stationed at the Medical Aid Station or go out on patrol. In the event that a series injury or illness is sustained, and ambulance transport is required, our staff will coordinate the response of outside emergency services.

EMT- Medical Stand-By w/ Mobile Response Vehicle

In addition to the above listed services, we will provide our EMT with a specialized vehicle to transport themselves to decrease response time over rough terrain, or heavily congested areas. We generally utilize either Segways or ATV’s, depending on the event coordinator’s needs & the event’s location.  

Mini Rescue Units

Our mini Rescue Units are staffed by 2 EMT’s & have virtually all the same supplies & equipment a full size ambulance would.  These capable units are equipped with a gurney, trauma supplies, basic medical and first aid equipment, cervical spine immobilization equipment, oxygen, and AED, etc.  We have both gas powered as well as electric mini rescue units. Our gas powered mini rescue units are all 4×4 and have aggressive off-road capabilities.

Athletic Trainer 1

Athletic Trainer's (ATC) are available for sporting events. All of our Athletic Trainers have a Bachelors Degree (minimum) and are professionals certified ATC’s. Our staff members are equipped with a treatment table, athletic taping supplies, miscellaneous sports specific equipment, as well asbestic first aid supplies.