Off Road Rescue Unit

Our custom built Off-Road Rescue Unit is staffed just like it’s full-size counterpart with 2 EMT’s providing BLS level of service.  The vehicles are gas powered and very quiet, it runs with a 3 cylinder 44 horsepower engine with a custom muffler to reduce exhaust noise. Although most of the time our EMT’s never drive faster than 10 mph or so, it can reach speeds of up to 55 mph if necessary if responding over a long distance.

It’s off-road capabilities are impressive, each vehicle is 4-wheel drive, and has a custom lifted suspension. Aggressive all-terrain tires (certified turf-friendly) paired with it’s naturally short wheel-base make climbing steep hills, overcoming obstacles, and tackling mud or sandy terrain a breeze.

The unit carries a full complement of medical and trauma equipment including on-board oxygen, extrication and basic first aid gear.  Because we also operate in crowds, our rescue unit is equipped with a standard ambulance siren that is customized with a volume control and for operation in highly populated areas as well as full LED emergency lighting (including scene lighting for added safety).

Operation of our mini rescue units are very similar to full-sized ambulances. While transporting a patient, one of our emu’s drives the vehicle, while the other attends to the patient’s medical needs. Our mini rescue unit also use a standard ambulance gurney, which makes transferring a patient to a full-size ambulance for transport to the hospital fast and efficient.

Due to it’ small size and all-terrain abilities, our mini rescue units makes an incredible impact on the response, treatment, and evacuation of the sick and injured at special events. The ease with which our staff is able to respond with medical equipment and manage an emergency scene without compromising patient care in rural situations is far superior to that of a standard ambulance or other types of response vehicles.